On a Mission

Collin jumped from the ship, feeling his boots crunch against the snow. The sky was dark now, and it would not see the sun again for several more days. He knew he needed to act fast or else he and his men would run the risk of being detected.

He looked behind his shoulder at his first mate, Keeter, giving orders to a few of the deck hands as a cabin boy jogged over with a bundle of rope in his arms. Before long Keeter looked up, noticing his captain. Collin gave a jerk with his head, causing Keeter to come towards him.

“Aye?” Keeter spoke in the gruff, heavy tone of his people.

“Tell the boys to drop anchor and set the Suspicion.”

“Are you sure it’s ready, Captain?” Collin nodded, looking long into the blue waters behind the ship.

“Aye, we had better hope so, Keeter, or else Val Frayd will surely get us.” Keeter’s eyes grew a little in alarm at hearing the name.

“Do you really think that he is that close.”

“For the sake of the VolunScali and the people of Ingrua, I should hope not.”

After that, the work was finished quickly, and Collin was marching at the front of a group of twenty or so men, leading a few tundra camels behind, loaded with supplies. As they left their ship with the Suspicion activated, hoping and praying it would be enough to fool their enemy, one of his men pulled out a short pipe and began to play a tune. Soon all of his men joined in.


We are the crew of the VolunScali,

And we never wish to leave our country!

But duty calls and so we go!

To bring our enemies oh so low!

Sailing into the night!

Sailing into the fight!

We’ve travelers by day,

And warriors of the bay!

We don’t dillydally!

No! We hear the call of the rally!

We are the crew of the VolunScali,

And we never ask for mercy!

The crew of the VolunScali contented themselves to pull their cloaks closer and grumble against the cold, determined to press on. Soon they spotted The Bird’s Erie—a chamber formed by a cliff with rock walls that jutted up, and over, blocking out all snow and wind. Complete with steam vents that brought warm air up from the earth, the Bird’s Erie was one of the most comfortable places above the ground on the frozen continent.

One hour later the whole crew slept on the floor, sprawled out in the spacious cavern, allowing their limbs to soak up the heat. All but Collin joined the wheezing chorus of dreamers and sleepers. He got up from the ground and tiptoed out towards the opening where Giant Crest Eagles used to enter from, now all extinct. The night was cool, and the moon shone forth in brilliant silver light, gleaming off of the snow covered ground. Off to the West, he could see where he had left his ship, hoping it would remain hidden. As he sat ruminating in his thoughts, a soft crunch sounded from within the chamber. Collin slowly turned, and then spotted someone in a dark cloak bending over another man with a knife. The image was distorted, and blurry. It was almost as if he was seeing several snapshots thrown together. The man would not move, yet he would not remain still. Collin fished out his Krillex laced goggles, a type of fish oil slathered on the edges that served as a very weak deception filter. He looked again and saw what looked to be ten men standing in the chamber, all with knives, and all ready to strike. A shout erupted from his throat.

https://pixabay.com/en/antarctica-black-and-white-nature-548688/ -photo creds


9 thoughts on “On a Mission

      1. Nice. Well, well done. J.R.R. Tolkien were some of the first books my mother read to me as a kid. Life long fan and I love the style. Please let me know the next time you have a story with a song and I’ll swing by and check it out. It is like experience two art forms at once.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m publishing the second episode that will continue the story today. On Sunday I think the third episode will have a song, if it takes my characters a little while longer to get there then it will probably be in the fourth episode.


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