Princess Amora

Amora reached her hand into a bowl of tiny blue spheres, pulling out pearl earrings. She was about to greet someone, a man called Captain Daybreaker. She knew very little, only that her father had been held up at a council meeting, and so he had asked her to greet him. She looked into the mirror trying to ask the face staring back at her countless questions. She was eighteen, though most would guess younger. And her white-blonde hair, her mark of royalty, spilled over her shoulders, falling down her chest. Her eyes sparkled with blue starlight, and her features were cold and still as if she were a statue brought to life, rather than a human girl.

She quickly stood up, walking out to her window, and peering out over the windy canyon that spread out below the mountain city. Ingri was the capital of Ingrua, a beautiful city almost entirely buried beneath snow and earth, and her people had lived there for millennia. Her eyes were keener than most, and so after a moment of staring out over the vast plain, she saw what most would have missed—the faint glint of sunlight on metal. The second moon had just passed, and the sun had only just returned to take its place. She looked towards her door, expecting any minute to hear the buzz that declared her guests had arrived. Sure enough, in a moment the door did buzz, and in strode Balfus, a court Paige.

He bowed before speaking, “M’lady, Captain Daybreaker has just arrived.”

“Thank you, Balfus. You may escort me to the western gate.”

In half an hour Amora stood before the western gate, overlooking a field of snow from the safe confines of the mountain. Her hands twiddled a pink stone, inlaid in gold, that rested on her neck, an old habit she did whenever she was bored or nervous. Soon she heard the horn call wind down from the tower, and then she saw Captain Daybreaker, accompanied with thirty or so men. As they drew closer she observed that the Captain possessed no distinct features and wore the face of a commoner, but he seemed to have the respect of his men, “How interesting.” She smirked, looking down on him.

“Captain Daybreaker,” she waved a congenial hand at him as he came closer. The gates swung open and he and his men filed in. “It is so good to finally meet you. My father sends his regards and regrets that he could not be here to greet you in person. Unfortunately, he has been delayed in a council meeting.”

The man gave a low, dignified bow, before rising up to his full stature, “Then you must be the famed Princess, Amora, the star of Ingrua? With one so beautiful as yourself, I could hardly be disappointed.”

The princess nodded her head and gave a shy smile. Her name was rarely recognized outside of her own city.

“The Barren of Winter spoke of you often when we worked together in Belux last summer.”

“Did you work closely with my father? I was unaware.”

“Quite. We determined it would be best to keep the matter quiet, though now it seems like a pointless attempt. The only man who we feared would gain that knowledge already has.”

Princess Amora eyed him more intriguingly, before moving on, “Yes, well, my father would like you to join him, but I am sure you would prefer a bath and change of clothes first.” She looked up and down his attire, dirty from a long journey.

“If you would be so kind as to extend that offer to my men, I would be most grateful. But as for me, I fear the king will have to pardon my transgression, for there is no time to delay.”

“Yes, I had supposed you would say that. Balfus?” The Paige moved closer from where he had been standing, “Would you kindly see Captain Daybreaker to the council chambers?”

“Yes, M’lady.”

“Oh, and Princess Amora, please, call me Collin.”

“Very well, Collin, it was a pleasure to meet you.”

“I shall look forward to seeing you again, Princess,” he bowed once more, taking her hand and kissing it, causing Amora to blush, and then promptly left, following Balfus.


(This is episode 4 in an ongoing miniseries. To check out episode 1 clink the link below)  -photo creds



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