King Egrid

“How?” The king pressed a hand against his forehead as he stepped back from Collin.

Collin gave Egrid a puzzled look, “I had hoped it would work, but you knew therewas always a chance it wouldn’t.”

The king shook his head, “No. Not that. How did you find out it failed? If he already caught up to you how would you have escaped, and where would he be now?”

Collin nodded in a reassuring way, trying to placate the king before he unsettled him again, “Egrid, perhaps this conversation would be better suited to a more private place?” Collin looked around at the servants in the room as he spoke.

Egrid slowly nodded his head before barking to an attendant. In moments, the room was deserted. “Now, what happened Collin?” The king folded his arms and fixed his troubled eyes upon the man.

“You may want to take a seat.” Collin matched Egrid’s unwavering gaze for only a moment before giving up the pointless endeavor. “I,” he paused, thinking of the best way to phrase his words, “met a Shadow Walker.” Collin spit the words out, all the time watching Egrid’s face, attempting to ascertain his thoughts.

He cleared his throat, “You say you met a Shadow Walker?”

“Yes. Egrid, I know it sounds bizarre.”

“What was his name?”

“He referred to himself as Archagus Valus. Does the name mean anything to you?” Collin asked after noticing the king’s brows furrow in concentration.

“Yes. He has visited our people before, always with some cryptic message and a forewarning of a terrible fate should we fail. Hectaras!” The King bellowed, and the doors swung open as a page presented himself before the king.

“Go at once and fetch for me Vilder, the Count of Records.” The servant bowed out without a word, sensing the urgency of the request. The doors once more closed behind him.

“Now finish your story, Collin.” Egrid returned his constant gaze upon his friend.

“Uh, yes. Well, all he said was that Val Frayd was coming and the Suspicion had failed.” Collin tried to act normal, debating whether he should reveal the full message.

“Out with it.” The king spat, seeing through his feeble attempt at deception.

Collin sighed, “Have you ever heard of the rock of Amaroth or the gate of Vrell for that matter?”

“The stone of Amaroth. Are you sure?” The king took a step closer to Collin, signifying the importance of those words.

“Yes. What does it mean, Egrid?”  -photo creds (in part)


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