Heathen Fate

“What? Guardian?” Collin’s face must have looked as upset as his stomach did. Regardless, Egrid kept on grinning with all the fatherly pride he could manage.

“You have no idea what this means. When I hold this stone, it is just a stone. But when you hold it, immense power is yours to command. With your help, we can defeat Val Frayd together, Collin! Don’t you understand?”

“No. I don’t, not in the least.” Collin sat down on a cushioned seat, his mind still reeling from the sensation of having traveled several million miles in an instant.

“My father was a guardian. But alas, I was not deemed worthy to take up the stone. Egress had another plan for me.” Egrid rested his hand on Collin’s shoulder, now his turn to offer comfort.

“What does it mean?” Collin looked up from his hand, still twitching from the shock.

“For now, little will change. You are still the Captain of the VolunScali, and Prince of Emeres.”

Collin’s upper lip raised to the left in a sneer, “You know I hate that title.”

“Yes, I do, Collin. But like it or not, it is still your birthright, and you cannot escape it.”

Collin bit his lip, choosing to hold back an unpleasant discussion in exchange for understanding more of his newfound dilemma.

Egrid continued, “The Guardians are an order of a select few that were created by Egress to watch over the Gate of Vrell. They were given the ability to wield the tears of Amaroth to carry out his will. He—” Collin raised a hand, stopped his friend right there.

“Egrid, I can have no part in this. You know that I adhere to the teachings of Christus, and to do as I believe you are going to ask, would be a betrayal so great that there could be no turning back from.”

Egrid gave Collin a wounded look as if he had just offered to adopt him, and he had declined. “But, Collin? It is your fate. You cannot deny your fate!”

“What you call fate, I call the will of God, old friend. I trust in Christus’ will. You must also.”

“But you felt it! You felt the power surge through your veins! You cannot deny it.”

“I,” Collin sucked in a shaky breath, “don’t know what I felt. I must go and pray. I must seek out answers, Egrid.” With that, Collin stumbled out of the room, unsteady and unsure of himself.


The Guardians were chosen,

For stones that were broken,

To guard a window of death,

And save a kingdom at rest.


http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1063308  -photo creds


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