Creatures That Fly and the Demons of the Night

Allen Fallgersaw sailed through the warm air, squinting his eyes as it whipped his hair behind his head. The whole sky was lit up like one gigantic Christmas tree. ogledendri bobbed up and down, casting their ghostly, blue glow about them, illuminating the dark, orange night sky. Allen prodded his gagarak, Trunt, with his right foot, sending him into a tight dive, clinging tighter to the creature lest he fall to the shadowy depths, miles below. He watched as the wing tips, twenty feet long on either side, twirled into his body, sending the young gagarak and his rider farther down. Continue reading “Creatures That Fly and the Demons of the Night”


An Unexpected Turn of Events

“I want to assemble a team of the best.” An old man in a checkered jacket and gray slacks with bushy gray eyebrows and dark brown eyes paced the perimeter of his spacious office. With an iconic eyeglass pressed above his cheek and his head bent over, intently inspecting some sort of document on a tablet, he looked like he’d been torn off the pages of a nineteenth-century crime novel. Continue reading “An Unexpected Turn of Events”

Kanza in Crisis


James and Sarah dashed across the deck, playing tag. Uncle Simon watched from a distance, sipping tea in his usual chair up on the forecastle. He smiled; he was glad his nephew and niece were staying with him for the Summer, and even more glad that it looked like they were having fun. Time had flown by over the course of their vacation, and the holiday was drawing near to an end. It would soon be time to sail back home, across the pale blue sky of the northern hemisphere. Simon stood up, a man only in his sixties he remained in excellent shape, with broad shoulders, and a weathered face that bespoke decades in the skies.

He walked over to the railing, looking down for miles and miles, to the cold waters below. He happened to see a ship sailing through the waters, and as he did he couldn’t help but laugh at such a crude means of transportation. He looked up at the vast balloon towering overhead, lifting his flying fortress above the ground, above the clouds and into the sky. Continue reading “Kanza in Crisis”

More Than Just A Game


Kyle commissioned more troops to sector Seven. He would not be overrun again by maniacal orcs. He checked his town hall, carefully, meticulously counting his resources. Wood was running low, but iron and wheat were fine. Patriotism was very weak, however. Those darn spies! How do they keep getting into town? I’ve doubled the patrol three times already! Kyle considered his options. Obviously, more guards wouldn’t help. His enemy clearly had him beat in the realm of espionage. An idea hit him, he quickly scrolled over to his tavern. Checking his gold supply, he allocating 1000 coin for free drink. He waited as patriotism slowly accumulated. A smile crept over his face as he watched, Continue reading “More Than Just A Game”

Character Sketches: Six Elements to Consider

I have been spending the better part of my afternoon filling out character sketches for a book I am developing. I won’t give away too many details, but to make it short I am writing a science fiction novel set in the not-too-distant future taking a look at human life on other planets from as scientifically accurate a manner as possible. I am really excited for this book. I’ve been bursting with ideas over it all weekend. But that doesn’t really pertain to the topic at hand. Since I am currently working out the characters for the book I figured that I might as well share some of my observations. Here goes.

Perhaps I should start off by explaining what a character sketch is. It’s like interviewing someone who doesn’t exist and pretending they are real until you know them so well (as a result of asking questions) that they actually do feel real and take on a life of their own. In other words, grab a doll and pretend you are five. No, seriously, I mean it. Do you want your characters to be believable or not? This is a task easier said than done (hence why it has taken most of my afternoon to do). I have no doubt that creating lifelike characters that readers can identify with, fall in love with, and curse at can come quite naturally to some but not to me. No, creating characters that can talk, act, and think in very real ways as opposed to sounding like I’m having a conversation with myself is not easy. It is something that requires a great deal of effort on my part, and in all likelihood, I am not alone in this. So today, I present you with, Character Sketches: Six Elements to Consider Continue reading “Character Sketches: Six Elements to Consider”

Dilemmas, Ethics, and Writing


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This week I have been doing a lot of thinking and soul-searching (Yeah, I know I sound like a pansy). I’ve been trying to wrap my head around what direction my blog is heading in and if I like that direction or if maybe I should try and change course. Just a fraction of a degree over a long enough distance can make the difference between Continue reading “Dilemmas, Ethics, and Writing”

Why We Love Fiction


Why do we love fiction? What is it about a colorful picture on a front page with a thought provoking title that beckons us closer? Why is it that I can open a book only to put it down hours later and though I had not moved an inch, feel as if I was a world away? The fact is, that for anyone with an even slightly engaging imagination, fiction holds the power to captivate us in a unique way that nothing else really can. So, why do we love fiction? Continue reading “Why We Love Fiction”

That Magical “Somewhere”

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Why do we read? The answer to that obviously depends upon the individual. Many read for various reasons. Some read for school assignments, others for relaxation, and still more for knowledge, and as Francis Bacon eloquently put, “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.” That is, not all literature is created equal.

I find that I read because it excites my imagination, awaking the inner kid in me. Fantasy, particularly, allows me to escape to some far off place, away from the dreariness of everyday life. I write for that same reason and more. When I write not only do I get to go to that magical “Somewhere” but I get to take others with me. So sit back (preferably in a comfy chair), grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you prefer), and travel through the wonders of “Somewhere” with me. Oh! and I will be your guide on this journey so don’t forget to click the follow button, or you may get lost!