Gossip, Trickery, and Other Things

Princess Talis walked down the hall toward the servant’s corridors, a letter in hand, and a smile creeping across her face. When she arrived she gave instructions for a servant to take it the Count of Dumont—a man always looking for more power. He would fall easily enough for her trap. Now, she had but to wait. Continue reading “Gossip, Trickery, and Other Things”


A Turn of Events

Palos slowly raised his head, wary of the situation, knowing full well that at a moment’s notice guards could be hauling him away. He looked up at the princess, showing the utmost respect but with a blatantly nervous gaze. Continue reading “A Turn of Events”

The Peasant and the Princess

An hour later Palos found himself tiptoeing around the palace halls, continuously checking his pocket, feeling for the letter the old man had asked him to deliver. He had been given very specific directions, and in order to hold up his end of the bargain, Palos was unwilling to tempt fate by doing anything else than adhering to ever bit of instruction. The old man had something Palos was willing to die for, and he had something to offer in exchange. It was just a business arrangement, or so Palos told himself. Continue reading “The Peasant and the Princess”

A Quest of Utmost Importance

Palos felt the air whiz through his hair as he was roughly thrown down several stair steps while a gruff and brutish man yelled many nasty things, that are best left unrepeated, at him. He rolled onto his back, slowly getting up, working out stiff joints in a noisy street of Candaroon. He had tried many ways of getting into the palace, and all had been unsuccessful. He was now starting to panic as the fear that he would fail the mission took his mind by storm. He scratched his head for any ideas, reviewing the various ways his plan had epically failed. I could try going in through the stables, Palos thought, but a memory of three stable boys, each twice as big as the scrawny fifteen-year-old, caused that plan to vaporize. Continue reading “A Quest of Utmost Importance”