Heathen Fate

“What? Guardian?” Collin’s face must have looked as upset as his stomach did. Regardless, Egrid kept on grinning with all the fatherly pride he could manage.

“You have no idea what this means. When I hold this stone, it is just a stone. But when you hold Continue reading “Heathen Fate”


More Than Just A Game


Kyle commissioned more troops to sector Seven. He would not be overrun again by maniacal orcs. He checked his town hall, carefully, meticulously counting his resources. Wood was running low, but iron and wheat were fine. Patriotism was very weak, however. Those darn spies! How do they keep getting into town? I’ve doubled the patrol three times already! Kyle considered his options. Obviously, more guards wouldn’t help. His enemy clearly had him beat in the realm of espionage. An idea hit him, he quickly scrolled over to his tavern. Checking his gold supply, he allocating 1000 coin for free drink. He waited as patriotism slowly accumulated. A smile crept over his face as he watched, Continue reading “More Than Just A Game”